An AFFORDABLE upgrade to your existing entryway


1. What type of door can this process be done on?
The doorglass installation works best with steel or fiberglass doors, as our mobile workshops are equipped to cut out holes in those specific materials. We have the capabilities to install into wood doors as well. Please check with us if you have any questions about the type of door you have.

2. Does my doorglass come with a warranty?
Yes! We provide a warranty for all of our doorglass. Our warranty can be viewed here.

3. I already have glass in my door. Do you have matching sidelights or transoms?
Yes! We are able to match any existing pattern you may have in your door. We will work closely with you and our design team to get the perfect patterns for your home.

4. I ordered the same design as my neighbor, and certain pieces of the glass look different. Is this a defect?
No. All of our decorative doorglass is manufactured by hand, so each one is unique. It is important to note that small bubbles and lines are all characteristics of hand-made glass, and are not considered defects.

5. Will cutting the hole and glass installation make a mess in my home or yard?
No! All of the cutting is done in our solar powered mobile workshop, so there is no mess or inconvenience to you or your home.

Still have questions? We would be happy to answer them for you, please call 772-463-6500 or 561-688-0238.